an imageWe can provide these services in a number of ways including as:

1. as owner and developer

2. as co-developer with other like minded partners or

3. as consultants

An array of services that include:

Market analysis and feasibility studies

We identify target areas and potential sites based on established criteria for development or ownership of a specific
type of commercial real estate investment.

Land Acquisition

After identifying a project, we work with our partners to get the best site for the best price.

Pre-development and development proforma preparation

We prepare a pre-development proforma based on the conceptual development plan. Once due diligence is completed we complete the development proforma, which outlines the income and expense projections for completing the project.

Due diligence requirements

Once the property is under contract, we will assist in completing the due diligence requirements for site development.

These requirements include survey requirements, subsurface soils investigation, Phase I Environmental Assessment and utility services.

Coordinate Architectural and Engineering Services

We work with the architect and engineer from the initial design stages, conduct plan review meetings and a final review of the construction plans and specifications prior to submission to state and local government for construction permits.

Financing Assistance

We prepare the documentation necessary for obtaining project financing and work with our partners to ensure we apply for all grants available for projects.